national music centre

The National Music Centre (NMC) is the hub of music in Canada with its home in Studio Bell in Calgary's most vibrant neighbourhood of East Village. It is part museum, part education facility, and part recording studio.

I interned at NMC for three months as Marketing and Development Assistant, which included running social media accounts, writing the first donor newsletters in over two years, writing various reports, pitching upcoming shows to media outlets, organizing interviews between artists and media outlets, etc.

NMC's social media has over 38,000 followers across all social accounts. Below are examples of posts I created for NMC's audience.

social media

Part of my role was to pitch artist shows and workshops to media outlets. In July, Montreal-based classical composer and pianist, Jean-Michel Blais, completed his residency at the National Music Centre with an intimate workshop in the recording studios. I pitched this workshop to CBC's The Homestretch, coordinated a time with his management, and brought Jean-Michel Blais to the CBC studios for a live, on-air show. This was one of four interviews I coordinated during his five-day residency. Listen to the interview below.

artist interviews

donor newsletter

NMC is a charitable non-profit, meaning relationships with donors are extremely important. Before I started my internship, the last donor newsletter was sent in March 2017. One of my main projects with development was to re-establish our donor newsletter, give it a name, and send it out to around 800 donors.