Karina spent several semesters working with the Institute for Investigative Journalism at Concordia University, where she was eventually hired as an investigative reporting fellow in 2020.

With the IIJ, Karina participated in three nationwide investigations: "Tainted H2O," "Clean Water, Broken Promises," and "Project Pandemic."


TAINTED H20 (2019)

Tainted H2O was a year-long investigation into lead in Canada's drinking water. The investigation found elevated levels of lead across many cities, with some cities' lead levels surpassing those in Flint, Michigan.


Our three-person team in Calgary found elevated lead levels in some neighbourhoods, and uncovered that the City of Calgary was unaware of how many private lead service lines were providing water to homeowners.

Following the initial investigation, city councillors pushed for an accelerated plan to remove all identified public lead pipes.



Clean Water, Broken Promises was a 1.5 year-long investigation into the issues Indigenous communities face across Canada when accessing consistent, clean drinking water.

In Calgary, we looked into how some residents of Tsuut'ina Nation — a First Nation merely five minutes away from the city's outermost communities — are unable to drink their tap water and must ration their water daily so their supply doesn't run out.

As a 2020 Investigative Reporting Fellow with the Institute for Investigative Journalism, I played a main role in investigating these particular stories for the series. Covering this story included visiting the nation to speak with residents about their water firsthand.


Project Pandemic was a Canada-wide data project launched by the Institute for Investigative Journalism when COVID-19 made its way into the country. For the project, reporters shared COVID-19 data among local, provincial and national news organizations to support community preparedness.


The data was focused on long-term care homes, Indigenous communities and other public spaces. It was shared through free up-to-the-minute ArcGIS maps.


As a 2020 Investigative Reporting Fellow, I worked on Project Pandemic and Clean Water, Broken Promises simultaneously.