Femme Handbook is an annual magazine and platform dedicated to empowering women through creative expression. Karina co-founded Femme in her second year of university alongside Sarah Green.





Femme Handbook was founded in 2018 as part of a second-year journalism class, when Karina and Sarah were challenged to create a hypothetical media outlet that fills a gap in the market.

Soon after making their final presentation on the handbook and opening up submissions from the public, Femme's co-founders soon realized the need for women creatives to have this platform.

To date, the team has worked with dozens of contributors across North America to publish three print issues of Femme Handbook. The magazines are packed cover-to-cover with ad-free creative content, including poetry, prose, photography, paintings, illustrations and more.

In 2020, Karina and Sarah were awarded $10,000 for Femme Handbook in the JMH LaunchPad Pitch Competition.




“Without Femme being right there and ready for me when I was ready to begin taking myself and my writing seriously, I would have never gotten here. I’m so so so grateful that Femme was just right there for me — the perfect platform for me to get comfortable enough with myself to become who I needed to be to do this.”

— Hooriah Ikram (Issue 1 & 2)

"Being a part of Femme is a complete honour, not only am I amongst fierce females within the publication, but Femme is also created by amazing women! This collaboration is a part of something larger, something beautiful and something important. We are strong and moving forward together."

— Brandi Hofer (Issue 2 & 3)

"Being a part of Femme is being part of a sisterhood, a collective that celebrates our authenticity and the unapologetic. Femme to me is like the platform at the top of the mountains with the support of a missed step; the type that encourages you to scream out as loud as you can and if you listen, observe, I am screaming. It's in that space that I find empowerment through my creativity, where I get to scream loudly in the most subtle ways - where I get to purge and transform my experience into something beautiful. It's the space that allows me to digest, wipe the dirt off my knees and acknowledge how blessed I am."

— Elysia Rose (Issue 2 & 3)